31 October 2007


Welcome friends, supporters and members to the official blog of the Vancouver branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). In order to increase our overall presence, it was recently decided that in addition to our official website it would be useful for the Vancouver wobblies to have a place where we could frequently share news, react to local, national and international news and in general make ourselves heard.

Hopefully, this project will grow and improve in time and will become a regular destination for those seeking news and opinions that matter to working people. You can expect to find both personal opinions and postings from our individual members, which may or may not be the views of the branch and union itself, as well as official releases from the Vancouver branch and IWW in general.

I also encourage all of you to let us know what you think--and especially if you have interest in joining the union! Though we are a local based out of Vancouver, we are looking to "grow the brand" as it were into the rest of British Columbia so by all means: chime in!

In solidarity,

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