2 November 2007

So, you want to be a wobbly?

One figures it would be pertinent at this time to inform all those of you interested as to how exactly you can go about becoming a member of the IWW.

To begin with, here some stuff to know before you join: anyone can be a wobbly. That is, as long as you are not an employer yourself and pledge to the fact that you are a member of the working class. Being unemployed, a student or retired is not a problem.

Upon joining, there is a initiation fee that is equal to whatever your monthly dues will be. This can range from 3 to a maximum of 18 dollars a month. The 3 dollar dues are the so called sub-minimum dues and intended for those who are under special financial strains but still wish to join the union. In the past, these dues have been very effective at drawing in people to the union, who traditional labour organizations would never dream of organizing (i.e. squeegee workers). The IWW takes pride in having these individuals within our midst. But if you are currently unemployed or retired for example, the 3 dollars are also a good option.

From there, we have the 6, 12 and 18 dollar options which are reserved for those who make less than a 1000 dollars a month, 1000-2000 dollars a month, and more than a 2000 dollars a month respectively.

In addition to your regular dues, you may also choose to purchase assesment stamps, which are specially designed stamps (with various historical and artistic themes such as CNT-FAI designs) which go towards any number of special funds within the union, such as the Defense Committee fund (for legal expenses) or the Industrial Worker newspaper fund.

If this all sounds good, you have several options as to how to go about joining the union. If you are in the Vancouver area, feel free to come down to Spartacus Books (319 W. Hastings; about 5 minutes away from Waterfront Station and a few blocks down from the SFU Harbour Center) on the last Wednesday of every month at 7PM when we have our monthly meetings. You can check our main website for notices on the meetings, as they are always posted there, and open for anyone to attend.

If you are somewhere in British Columbia outside of Vancouver and would still like to join, then feel free to contact us via email (also on our main website) and we can promptly go about setting that up. We have numerous members in northern BC and Vancouver Island, so it's not a problem. We are also trying to grow the branch outside of the Lower Mainland anyway, and maybe you can help us with that!

You can also bec0me a member through the main IWW website (http://www.iww.org/join/joinnow.shtml) but the dues there are all in US dollars so keep that in mind.

So, that's all the relevant and technical details out of the way. In the coming days I plan on making a few posts as to why you should join as opposed to just what monetary details are involved! Nobody likes that stuff anyway, eh?


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