11 November 2007

Wobbly Art: Anti-IWW Propaganda & Anti-War Pamphlet

In light of this being Remembrance Day, I thought it would be apt to post something along the "war" theme. Especially, the First World War. The two pieces below are of two very different characters, but both relate to the IWW.

The first, was actually an anti-IWW piece that was published in a US newspaper in response to the IWW's activism against the war. As you can see, the suggestion was being made that the union was a German front organization. This had to do, obviously, with the union's anti-war stance--but there was also a racial and ethnic component. The IWW was known for accepting all workers, organizing those which no other union, at the time, would dare touch: blacks, immigrants, migrant workers, women and so on. This obviously didn't sit well with authorities, and they would use any opportunity they could get to remind the petty and bigoted that the IWW was a union for all workers. Period.

The second piece a was a IWW pamphlet produced during the same period juxtaposing the stance of the IWW with that of the dominant American Federation of Labor (AFL). Nearly a hundred years on the question posed by the piece still rings as poignantly as ever: who is to blame for the slaughter and bloodshed of fellow workers? Who?

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