2 December 2007

From Miami to Vancouver

I'm going to post a link to a video and a story below that I really urge you to all to watch and read. It is quite powerful, in and of itself, but even more so because of the striking similarities between the city in question, Miami, and our own Vancouver.

"Wake Up Fisher Island" - http://alternet.org/blogs/video/69445/

For all intents and purposes: this is Vancouver. We have the wealthiest postal code in Canada bordering right on the poorest postal code in Canada. We have gated communities in Whistler, Shaughnessy and Yaletown, meanwhile we have people working for five dollars an hour on the Canada Line and living in sheds out in the farms.

We have students attending "private colleges" that are opening for classes one day, and closed for good the next -- along with the student's money. Women working the streets and disappearing with not a sound made about it until such a time as the body count is high enough to warrant a media circus. But only about the trial -- not about providing social services, education, or even protection for these individuals forced to sell their bodies. That doesn't sell papers, after all.

Our province, for four years now, has had the highest child poverty rate in the country, in Canada the poor officially pay more taxes than the top 1% and wealth disparity, in general, is at an all time high.

Meanwhile, our provincial legislature, specifically the government, votes to give itself 29% pay hikes, all the while refusing to even consider raising the minimum wage to a measly 10 dollars.

But, thank God, at least live in the Greatest Place on Earth™, right?


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