12 June 2008

Union Busting in Poland

A message from trade unionist Laure Akai in Poland on the situation within the country:

"Hello. I'm a member of a Polish union (KFP) and a political group called ZSP. Attached please find an article about a case which is underway in Poland... Thank you very much for your consideration.

One Corporation's Public Secrets: Lionbridge Case to be Closely Observed

In January I published an article entitled "Lionbridge, the Globalization of Low Wages" on the internet. Lionbridge is the largest corporation in the globalization industry, which, among other things, translates and localizes software for giants such as Microsoft, Google and Adobe, provides Microsoft hotline services and even, controversially, provides interpreters to the Irish courts. As the company is not a household name, the article did not, at first, generate any real interest and probably would have gone unnoticed had people from that company not read it and had it not lead to the firing of a unionist in their Polish office."

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