29 October 2012

Statement of Solidarity: TSSU

The IWW Vancouver - Coast Salish Territory GMB wishes to express its solidarity with the Teaching Support Staff Union in their current labour dispute with Simon Fraser University.

The following quote is from Derek Sahota, TSSU spokesperson via press release dated July 2nd, following a TSSU strike vote:

"With 90% voting in favour of taking job action, the TSSU has a mandate to fight for an equitable collective agreement. We are serious about being treated fairly, and clearly TSSU members are prepared to take action for that purpose ... After two frustrating years of bargaining, no offer to increase wages, and not a single agreement reached, it is time for the Employer to acknowledge our concerns and engage in some real bargaining.”

The Vancouver IWW will be sending a letter of support directly to SFU President Andrew Petter. You can find a TSSU support form letter here (docx file format).

We encourage our local IWW members, supporters and allies to keep up with the TSSU's current situation via their website and to support the union however they can. Please show solidarity by respecting any picket lines.

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