2 May 2013

May Day 2013 in Vancouver

To commemorate International Worker's Day (commonly known as "May Day"), over 100 people took part in an anti-capitalist march in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday, May 1st. The march began with a rally at Victory Square, then coursed its way through the Downtown Eastside, led by a boisterous black bloc that handed out flaming torches to whoever would carry them. The march paused for several minutes of chanting in front of Pidgin, an upscale restaurant that's been picketed for weeks by anti-gentrification campaigners, before continuing on to its conclusion at Thornton Park.

The Vancouver Police Department deployed large numbers of officers on bicycles and motorcycles around both Victory Square and Pidgin restaurant, while the PSU (riot police) shadowed the march from start to finish, filming protesters along the way.

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  1. Solidarity from the UK, love the flaming torches!