14 August 2013

IWW Reference Library at Spartacus Books

There is now a small IWW Reference Library located at Spartacus Books (684 E Hastings). The library is full of donated texts from a local worker-sided lawyer's office. The books are not to lend out, and are for reference only. They are also not for sale. The library can be located at the top left of the fiction section at the back of the store. The collection includes the following:
  • Constitutional Law (Canada 2002)
  • The Law of Evidence (Canada 2008)
  • Labour Law (UK 1981)
  • Labour Relations and the Collective Bargaining Cycle (Canada 1981)
  • Evidence: A Canadian Casebook (2006)
  • Consolidated BC Labour & Employment Law (2010)
  • Consolidated Federal Employment & Labour Statutes (Canada 2011)
  • 2010 Annotated Canada Labour Code
  • Canadian Labour Arbitration (2006)
The IWW Reference Library is accepting donations of money and more legal books at Spartacus Books.

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