21 September 2014

Climate Change Knows No Borders - Peace Arch Rally

Members of the Vancouver, BC and Bellingham, WA branches met at the Peace Arch on the BC/WA border on Saturday to participate in this weekend's international Climate Action.

It was a great opportunity to discuss labour issues and organizing in our region.  It was inspiring to hear from a diverse group of speakers, several of whom directly tied industrial capitalism to the climate crisis.  Another world is possible.

A special thanks to The Wilderness Committee for organizing transportation to the event.

7 August 2014

IWW Table at Shout Back! Fest

"An anarcha-feminist, queer, radical, anti-capitalist DIY music festival for anyone who wants it or thinks they might want it. A celebration in smashing patriarchy, showcasing artists who are underrepresented. This festival is for everyone who is disaffected or disgusted by the current independent music culture, dominated by straight, white males."


The Vancouver IWW will have a table at the anarchist bookfair as part of Shout Back! Festival this Saturday, August 9th 2014.  We've got IWW t-shirts, books and pamphlets on labour history.  Feel free to stop by and discuss organizing, labour or other contemporary working-class issues.

15 March 2014

Shout Back 2014 - - First official meet up of 2014

First official meet-up for folks who are interested in helping with year 3 of Shout Back! Fest. All levels of interest/experience welcome to join. Check it out on the on TUMBLR. 

*This year vancouver wobblies will be tabling at the Anarchist bookfair, and also hosting a special secret workshop!! We will be looking for folks to canvas coffee shops at this meeting on March 27th. 

Poster Campaign still going!

Wobblies, and Community members!! 

This is a poster competition. We have been receiving posters, but we need more! There are cash prizes for folks. 

Posters must contain the following information 

IWW Vancouver
Industrial workers of the world

******We are looking for a completely new design with original artwork for the poster campaign. Please feel free to explore and find material relevant to the IWW to use as inspiration.

This poster drive is about creating new images, addressing current crisis, especially in service sector, and of course aesthetics!!! Keep em coming! Folks can submit as many posters as they like!!

10 February 2014

Monthly Branch Meetings Resume Feb. 26th

Monthly branch meetings will resume in February.  Our next meeting will be at 7:00 pm on February 26th.  The location will be Our Town Cafe at Knight & Kingsway.

If you have been involved in the branch in the past and would like to get back in the loop, please feel free to stop by.  If you've never attended a meeting but would like to find out more about the IWW then contact us by email at: contact (at) vancouveriww.com