11 January 2015

Statement of Solidarity: Transportation not Deportation

The IWW Vancouver GMB endorses the following five demands of the Transportation not Deportation campaign:

  1. End racial profiling of people on our public transit system and ensure access without fear of criminalization or deportation to all residents.
  2. Terminate the Memorandum of Understanding between Transit Police and CBSA.
  3. Stop turning people over to CBSA and stop enforcing federal immigration law, particularly given that most Transit Police referrals to CBSA are for situations where no warrant even exists.
  4. Ensure that a range of identification is accepted as sufficient to verify identity when needed.
  5. Remove CBSA phone numbers as well as all immigration-related databases from Translink and Transit Police databases.

The existing system of co-operation between the Metro Vancouver Transit Police, TransLink and the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) disproportionately targets the working class, low-income earners, and people of colour. The IWW stands against the systemic racism embodied in this system.

We ask that all members and allies take a moment to sign this petition.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for bringing the petition to my attention and helping bring an end to the transit police's overeaching bad practice. Way to go Wobs!