5 February 2015

Statement of Support: Toronto Harm Reduction Workers' Union

If you weren’t already aware, the Toronto harm reduction workers union (I.W.W 610) has been involved in a fundraising campaign, to which the Vancouver GMB was proud to contribute. The workers at THRWU see firsthand the consequences of the so called war on drugs. They  represent, through the use of harm reduction strategies, an honest and evidence based approach to helping a marginalized community. The THRWU aims to stabilize the jobs in their industry, some of which rely on government grants, which as we saw in Vancouver are vulnerable to attacks from ideologues in the Conservative government.  THRWU also seeks to bring wage discrepancies in the industry under control, expand the implementation of regular, fair raises as well as benefits and sick days and ensure that workers who live with HIV and/or Hep C are treated fairly and with dignity. The Vancouver I.W.W is inspired by, and proud as hell to stand in solidarity with our fellow workers in the THRWU.

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